How to build a PC for beginners

Building a gaming PC

Install Windows 8.1 on a Mac

If you're looking to install Windows on your Mac, Boot Camp is the best way to go. Whether it's for a great gaming experience or you just want to try out Windows 10 on Apple's svelte hardware, here's how to get it all set up. How to install Windows 10 with Boot Camp 1.Launch Boot Camp Assistant from the Utilities folder in Applications. 2,Click Continue. ... 3,Click and drag the slider in the partition section. ... 4.Click Install. ... 5.Type your password. 6.Click OK. ... 7.Choose your language. 8.Click Install Now.

How Mac OS & Windows OS are the same

simple comparisons between MacOS vs Windows OS apps or programs easily explained.

How to stop windows 10 auto update

Open Settings. Click on Update & Security. Click on Windows Update. Click the Advanced options button. … Under the “Pause updates” sections, use the Pause until drop-down menu, and select the time range to disable automatic updates.

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